December 3, 2023


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Six Cool Tech Inventions for Insomniacs/NightOwls

ghost hunting gear

ghost hunting gear

Ghost hunting gear: Do you struggle with sleeplessness and end up tossing and turning throughout the night? Do moonlight, and the nocturnal energy help channel your most productive and energetic self?

Some people don’t enjoy the luxury of falling into a deep slumber as soon as their head hits the bed. Others don’t enjoy sleeping at night because they like using silence for their creative endeavors.

Insomniacs are always on the hunt for sleep aids to help them enjoy quality REM sleep to regulate their health and wellbeing. Likewise, night owls search for gadgets and tech inventions that help them make the most of their nocturnal activities. Luckily, we’ve got the perfect round-up to satisfy the yearnings of both! ghost hunting gear

Here, take a look:

1.     Relaxing Headphones

No one cherishes the idea of wearing a pair of headphones while sleeping. But hear us out before you discard this remarkable invention over perceived discomfort. The sleeping aid market is abuzz with relaxing headphones, and manufacturers have rolled out unique variants.

Essentially, relaxing headphones are amazingly lightweight, and they deliver soothing audio experiences. Their function is to block out all disturbing and disruptive noises, and quite literally, croon you to sleep. In addition, these headphones come with a smartphone app to help you choose your experience according to your preferences.

You can lull yourself to sleep with the soothing sounds of rainfall or ocean waves crashing against one another. Some relaxing headphone variants also support mental wellness with breathing exercises and guided body relaxation.

2.     Ghost hunting Gear

Do you stay up all night to wait for the fateful demonic hour? Paranormal myths and beliefs dictate that ghosts and spirits convene at 3 am, ready for their nightly terror escapades. As it happens, paranormal experts and ghosthunters also conduct their investigations at night. The experts at Spiritshack, a reliable outlet for innovative ghost-hunting gadgets, advise novices to arm themselves with sophisticated tools.

Catching spirits isn’t child’s play. Many investigators struggle to capture substantial evidence and end up spending days digging for proof. Professionals use gadgets to study electromagnetic waves and temperatures to collect proof of ghostly presence. If you prefer more straightforward devices, an infrared camera is your best bet.

3.     Ambient Smart Lights

The awful glare of white and blue lights has damaging impacts on our sleep quality. Excessive exposure to these lights can disrupt our body’s biological clock and natural sleep cycle. Have you noticed how long it takes you to sleep after turning off your devices or bright white lights? The body needs at least 30-60 minutes to go back to sleep after exposure to white and blue lights.

Investing in smart lights that offer multiple ambient settings will help you create a relaxing and comforting environment. These lights come in a variety of shades and color tones. Many variants, such as the Philips Hue smart lights, offer settings that mimic the beauty of the sunset and moonlight.

These lights will help you drift off to a peaceful slumber in an environment that allows you to relax and unwind. And in the morning, you can wake up to light settings that mimic a glorious sunset to greet you with bright energy.

4.     Ebook Readers

Amazon’s Kindle has had to face a rip-roaring competition, as the Ebook reader market is abuzz with innovative variants. With Apple, Onyx, and Barnes & Nobles rolling out their highly sophisticated innovations, Amazon had to undertake multiple upgrades as well. The bottom line is: now’s a terrific time to buy an ebook reader at a budget-friendly price with incredible specs!

You can enjoy devouring your favorite reads without disturbing your partner’s sleep with tabletop lamps. More importantly, you can protect your eyes from the awful glare by optimizing the brightness settings. If you enjoy sketching or journaling at night, a tablet or electronic journal might prove more suitable for your needs. ghost hunting gear

5.     Smart Baby Sleeper

How much money are you willing to pay for a gadget that will perform your nighttime toddler management duties? Unfortunately, most parents with little ones are ready to trade all their wealth for a full night’s sleep in their beds. Well, luckily, it wouldn’t come to that because parents can invest in a smart bassinet to keep their babies comfy and snug.

A smart baby sleeper is all the rage in Hollywood. Celebrity mommas like Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, and Queen Bey are raging over the utility of this incredible invention. You see, a smart bassinet will help your baby get an extra hour of slumber. That extra hour allows you to recharge and catch up on your beauty sleep.

A smart baby sleeper features sounds and music features to soothe a crying baby and increase the sleep cycle. Most bassinets featuring smart features claim to put the baby back to sleep in less than 30 seconds. So naturally, these inventions also combine gentle rocking features to prevent your toddler from feeling abandoned and alone while you sleep.

6.     Android Projector

Do you enjoy the grander-than-grand cinematic experience under a dazzling canopy of stars? Who doesn’t, for all night owls adore their solitary nighttime movie dates. Imagine being able to connect Netflix with your projector and binge-watching your favorite show in your backyard. Doesn’t that sound incredible?

Android projectors offer a tablet-like functionality that is truly splendid. You no longer have to spend an hour fumbling with wires, cables, and plugs. Instead, these smart projectors offer endless utility with their touchscreen interface and user-friendliness. ghost hunting gear


The night is young and full of terrors, but you can achieve your nightly stakeout goals with the right gadgets. Whether you want to sleep peacefully for 9 hours or catch up with some reading, finding the right product helps. However, it’s wise to guide your buying decisions with research and experimentation.

Some inventions support both sleeping and night-owling. For instance, smart lights are an excellent investment for both insomniacs and night owls to create the right ambiance for their preferred activities.

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