September 30, 2023

The recipe for success for your print reselling business

print reselling business

print reselling business

Reselling business: Businesses of all kinds still rely much on printed stationeriesto lend a touch of authenticity and personalization. Although digital technology has considerably increased the speed of business and reduced turnaround times while bringing in more transparency to the business process through improved and timely communication, it still lacks the touches of personalization that is only available from printed stationeries.  A case in point is the continued importance of business cards in the digital age. Business cards are still much relevant because it has the humane touch and helps in the personification of the business to some extent by evaluating the person presenting the visiting card.

All kinds of businesses still rely on the traditional printed stationeries like brochures, flyers, festoons, banners, booklets, calendars, etc., to give a humane touch to their marketing activities and even personalize it. There is no substitute for traditional printing, from printed office stationeries like letterheads, note pads, envelopes to signage, banners, decals, and floor graphics. However, the advancement of printing technology has transformed the quality of prints that are simply outstanding today. From paper to color and printing technology, every aspect of printing has the ingredients for creating superior printed products.

How businesses can access the best printed products

Businesses rely on the services of retail printers to cater to their requirements of printed stationeries because of smaller volumes. However, the quality they expect is beyond the capabilities of small printers who lack technology access. Many of them do not have the needed infrastructure as it can be prohibitively costly. Yet, the small printers meet the expectations of their customers by playing the role of a printing reseller. They also depend on the services of some wholesale printing company that does all the heavy lifting.

The printing company has a large setup and uses the latest printing technology to create a fantastic quality of printed products available to the clients and customers of the smaller print companies that act as middlemen.

Print resellers as aggregators

Small printers play the role of print resellers and look after the marketing activities to acquire customers for maintaining a steady pipeline of orders. On securing orders, they execute it by availing the services of a printing company capable of operating on a large scale that can serve the wholesale market. Although the printing company is like a whole seller, it accepts small orders too from print resellers who act as aggregators and consolidate orders of various customers to achieve a good volume that meets the expectations of the wholesale printer.

Consolidation is the key

Print resellers can take advantage of the large scale printing services offered by wholesale printers who are flexible in executing smaller orders, too. The success of the print reselling business depends on the consolidation of orders.  Any business must achieve an optimal scale of operation depending on the size of the business and make all efforts to increase it fast for ensuring growth that helps the business survive.  For print resellers, it means expanding their customer base fast to consolidate orders and achieve the desired volumes that help the business survive.

Taking care of customers

Besides adding new customers, print aggregators or resellers must nurture their existing customers to get repeat orders that can bolster the business. Existing customers are more valuable because, through repeated ordering, they help the print resellers develop significant brand equity that pays back well in the long run. Through their long association with the company, customers turn loyal and act as brand advocates that help in business expansion.

Opportunities for diversification

In addition to focusing on customers, print resellers can take advantage of the enormous offering of the printing company that can print thousands of different items to diversify their business and grow faster. Many printing companies print apparel products like custom printed T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts for men, women, and kids.  Besides the traditional printing services, the printing companies cater to the print on demand orders. It is an excellent opportunity for print resellers to diversify into print-on-demand services by partnering with the printing company. Since all printing companies that cater to wholesale demands are ready to take the responsibility of order fulfillment, it can be the perfect partner for print on demand services business. 

The wholesale printers accept all kinds of printing orders related to any type of business, which gives more flexibility to print resellers in catering to a variety of customers without worrying about the order size. No matter how small the order might be, the printer is ready to honor it from a print reseller with an account with the printer.

Partnering with the wholesale printer allows faster growth of the business of print resellers with minimal investment, provided they implement a solid marketing strategy to dominate the market.

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