December 2, 2023


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Want to Become Financially Stable? Stop These Three Unhealthy Habits

financial problems solutions

financial problems solutions

financial problems solutions: Given that 157 million Americans have credit card debt that needs to be paid off, it’s no wonder that many experience stress in their financial life. Ultimately, getting out of this place requires taking a good, hard look at what behaviors keep you in a perpetually broke state.

Poor Habit Number 1: No Financial Plan

How can you control something you know nothing about? Knowing where your money goes is essential, and this is why many financial advisors will tell you that the first step is to track your spending. There are programs, such as Mint, which will do it for you. But there’s also the simple, old-fashioned method of tracking expenses in a self-created spreadsheet. 

Other Aspects of Budgeting:

  • Where is Your Money Going? Creating a financial plan will show you. 
  • Adjust Your Categories: If you create your budget, be prepared to be flexible, adjusting categories as needed.
  • Make Financial Planning Fun: There are a million ways to live within a budget and still have fun. Make it a personal challenge!

Poor Habit Number 2: Overspending

Once you’ve tracked your money for a month or two, you’ll be able to see where you’re overspending easily. Think that daily coffee doesn’t amount to much or that subscription to your favorite skincare? By tracking, you’ll be able to see the amount you’re spending each month. Chances are, it’s higher than you suspected.  financial problems solutions

Often, there are underlying perspectives that drive overspending. They can include:

Future Gains Versus Present Fun

A habit that often is present while overspending is wanting to have fun at the moment versus thinking of the future. It can help to visualize how saving and living with a budget will increase your happiness in time. Start by imagining how it will feel to be free from the worry and anxiety of not knowing how you’ll pay for necessary expenses.  

Keeping Up with the Joneses

This can often sneak up on a person in subtle ways. It can show up as mild anxiety, a worry that you won’t have what others have or that people will find out the truth, that you don’t have the kind of wealth they do. But part of stopping the cycle of being perpetually broke includes:

  • no longer caring what others think and relying instead on your own innate worth
  • remembering that your possessions are not you.
  • gaining control of your finances can help you become more at peace with who you are  

Poor Habit Number 3: Debt

One of the main poor habits of perpetually broke people is that they have debt, and sometimes, a lot of it. They may have been taught that debt is a good thing. They may have simply been living in the moment and putting every charge on their credit card. Whatever the case may be, getting out of debt, particularly credit card debt or loans, should be the first focus of any sound financial plan.    financial problems solutions

Start Today

There is no perfect day or time to begin taking control of your financial life, and there is no one else who can do it for you. But by taking small, actionable steps, including reducing overspending, tracking spending, and creating a budget, you can start down the road to the financial freedom you need and deserve.   financial problems solutions

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