December 7, 2023


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Who Needs Dedicated Hosting – And Why?

Hostzealot server hosting USA

Hostzealot server hosting USA

Hostzealot server hosting USA: Many projects need servers. But the needs for servers differ. People may need to host a small website for smaller needs, like a landing or a blog, or a bigger website – to run potent applications, e-commerce, etc. Among available hosting solutions, the dedicated server is the most powerful and secure one. Not everybody would need one, but if your needs correspond to the level of dedicated hosting, so you shouldn’t hesitate to choose one. If you are not sure, however, whether that’s what you really need, we have prepared this article for you to break down the advantages of dedicated hosting and make it clear for whom it is most suitable.

Dedicated hosting VS. other hosting solutions 

Before we conclude who is most suitable for dedicated hosting, let’s have a look at the advantages dedicated hosting provides over other hosting solutions

First, dedicated hosting means dedicated resources. On shared hosting, you share your capacities with other clients of the hosting provider. It can work alright sometimes, but sometimes it can be also a source of trouble. In the scenario of a shared server, you can’t predict what other clients do. If some of them suddenly need too many resources, then there may remain too little for the rest of them including you. Thus, the performance of your website will suffer, it may work slower or experience downtime.

Also, the troubles may come from any of your neigbors engaging in malicious activities. Either these are hackers and it is easier for them to hack your website, or, if they are not, it will be still easier to hack your website for a hacker who has already hacked any of your neigbors. On the other hand, if the searching engines detect any of your shared hosting neighbor’s malicious activities, your website will be ranked down in search results, as you share the same IP.

Shared IP means that you can’t provide a secure connection via SSH certificate which means that your website won’t be adapted for handling sensitive data, like credit card numbers or similar.

Many of these disadvantages are for the most part avoided in VPS, as you have resources dedicated to you, your own operating system, and your own IP. But the disadvantage remaining is that VPS cannot provide you with as many capacities as a dedicated server can. As your business grows, you’ll realize sooner or later that you need to increase. This will be the sign to migrate your website to dedicated hosting.

How to understand that you need a dedicated server?

Now that we know the advantages of dedicated hosting, let’s think, about when the need for such a solution may arise.

  1. Your business is growing

The first and most natural reason for you to switch to a dedicated hosting solution is when your business is growing and the capacities you used to use are not enough anymore. If your site experiences traffic spikes and you start noticing that its performance reduces, it’s reasonable to start considering a migration to dedicated hosting. Otherwise, it might get too late and you start losing clients and incomes because of the lack of your website’s efficiency 

  1. You need more security

With great power comes great responsibility. That’s why, as your business evolves, you start dealing with more and more responsible data. Your data becomes more extensive, and your company in turn becomes more and more significant which means that your site becomes a more attractive goal for hackers and other digital criminals. 

  1. You need more flexibility 

A dedicated server gives you the most opportunities to organize your web presence as you see fit. You have an enormous reserve of resources and no restrictions on activities presented by other clients you would have to reckon with on shared hosting or even on VPS. If you have large, creative, and ambitious projects and you need space to implement them, then a dedicated server will come in handy.  Hostzealot server hosting USA

Who needs dedicated hosting?

Now, let’s have a closer look at some examples of clients that are most likely to need a dedicated hosting solution.

This can be midsize to large companies, because, as mentioned earlier, beginning businesses are often comfortable with the capacities shared hosting or VPS can provide, whereas larger companies will definitely realize that they need a more powerful solution. If you deal with big databases or big numbers of transactions, then the calculating power of a dedicated server might be of much use.

Potential dedicated hosting clients also include IT companies and developers, since running heavy applications is one of the main purposes of dedicated servers. Therefore, if you run a business that is engaged in running apps like content management systems, e-commerce, API-driven apps, SaaS, and others, then it’s time to look for a dedicated hosting provider. 


Dedicated hosting is a powerful solution for a powerful project. If you think you are running one and other hosting solutions are too weak for you, then dedicated hosting is the best thing you can opt for. In this case, don’t hesitate and check out Hostzealot dedicated server hosting USA and you’ll definitely find an optimal dedicated server for your business.