How to solve Widevine content decryption module error ?

Widevine content decryption module

Widevine content decryption module

Widevine content decryption module: Encountered a bug from the widevine content decryption module. While using Netflix, amazon raw in chrome. This is a very common error that occurs when playing DRM protected HTML 5 videos.

If your answer is Yes and you want to correct this error right now. This article will hellps you to solve this problem.

What is the broad vine used for?

Chrome and Mozilla will use this widevine content decryption module to play DRM protected videos. module extension of this type is (auto)pre-installed in all the latest versions of the above browsers.

If you disable or remove this module. Then your browser will not be able to play DRM-protected content. Simply put, your browser will not play Netflix or Amazon Prime videos without this extension.

To overcome widevine content decryption module Error in Chrome browser follow the below . This error occurs for several reasons. So we need to check all season to fix this problem ASAP.

Solution 1:

Solution 1: update the Widevine content decryption module
The bug is due to outdated vid content decryption module. Then you need to update it. Follow the steps to resolve this issue.

Type chrome: // components / in your Chrome browser.
Navigate to Widevine Content Decryption Module, click Check for Updates button.
Refresh the page and check Status: Updated.
Then restart the computer. And trying to play Netflix videos.

If you have an error, follow the second method to troubleshoot widevine content decryption module.

Solution 2

Solution 2: You need to change Chrome change permissions for WidevineCdm
This method is a bit tricky. But it will be of great use to you and will solve your mistake. For this module to work properly, you must have full access. Some of the errors in the Widevine decryption module are due to a lack of permission, or your Widevine content decryption module may have crashed. Therefore, you must configure the permissions for WidevineCdm.

Open the Run Run application by pressing Windows key + R.
Type % userprofile% / appdata / local .in the Run dialog box and hit the Enter key.
Now navigate to Google> Chrome> User Data.
search the keyword “WidevineCdm”, then right click on it and choose “Properties”.
Now go to the security tab and make sure the login user has full access. To verify , make sure that “Full Control” check box is choosen. If it is not checked or choosen, follow the next step.

Edit your profile by selecting your profile and clicking the Edit button.
Now uncheck all the boxes under the Reject column.
Now click on the applications and then on the OK button.
Restart the computer.
Now follow Methode one to update the plugin.
After updating the plugin, restart the computer again.
Now try playing Netflix and wait for your problem to be solved.

Solution 3

Solution 3: delete the plugin folder and update it
They still face the same problem. The above bid method does not solve the problem. Then you need to delete the plugin folder and then update it. So to do this, you have to log into your computer as an administrator account.

Open the application Run Run by pressing Windows key + R.
Type % userprofile% / appdata / local in the Run dialog box and choose the Enter key.
next navigate to the Google> Chrome> User data.
search for keyword “WidevineCdm”, right click for “Delete” option.
Now Open the ‘task manager’ by pressing Windows + S. Type task manager in the dialog box and right-click on it, then Run as administrator.
Now finish all Chrome tasks one by one by right clicking on Chrome related items and then click “End Task”.
Now follow method one to update plugin (Widevine content decryption module component).
After updating the plugin, restart the computer again.
Now try playing Netflix and wait for your problem to be resolved.

Solution 4

Solution 4: temporarily disable antivirus and firewall to update widevine content decryption module
Sometimes antivirus or security software, such as a firewall, prevents the plug-in from updating. Antivirus like McAfee, Norton, Quick Heal and Kaspersky cannot be updated for security reasons. Thanks to this Chrome, I can’t update the plugins. And this can be

Solution 5: reinstall Google Chrome.

We hope the methods given above will resolve your bug in widevine content decryption module. If you are still experiencing the problem, you can finally reinstall Chrome with an updated version. This will definitely solve your problem. Because the new version of Chrome contains an updated module to decrypt the content of the vine.

So to do this first, you have to uninstall the old Chrome.

Let’s do it.

Open the application Run Run by pressing Windows button + R.

Now start the Run application. Type keyword “appwiz.cpl” in the dialog box and click Enter. This should open a window in which all the applications installed on your computer should appear.

Now type “appwiz.cpl” in Run application. This will open the uninstall of a Windows program.
Now uninstall Google Chrome i.
Now download and install Google Chrome from its official website.
Try opening Netflix and playing videos.
Watch Videos to Fix Widevine Netflix Content Decryption Module

Fixed Widevine content decryption module for Mozilla Firefox browser
If you are using Firefox and experiencing Widevine content decryption module error, please follow the steps below.

Open the menu in Firefox in the upper right corner.
Now click on Add-ons.
Select the Plugins tab.
Select Widevine decryption module provided by Google Inc.
Now select the Always on option from the drop down button on the right.
Close the browser and open it.
Try playing Netflix videos.
If you cannot find the Widevine content decryption module provided by Google Inc. in the plugin manager. Then you need to install this plugin by following the steps below.

Click the Menu button in the Firefox browser.
Open the Preferences tab.
In the first General option, now scroll down to explore the Digital Rights Management (DRM) content option.
To enable playback of DRM controlled content, check it.
Firefox will start the download which include widevine content decryption module.
And you can easily play HTML5 Netflix videos in Firefox.
Fix WidevineCDM update error on Mac OS
Hold down the “Option” key and click “Go.”
select “Library”
Go to “Application Support”> “Google”> “Chrome”.
Delete the “WidevineCDM” folder.
Now open Chrome type “chrome: // components”, then click on Enter.
Click the “Check for updates” button under “WidevineCdm.”
The Opera browser does not support HTML5 videos. So you can’t use Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other DRM-protected streams. Because it requires an HTML5 player.

Netflix error M7357-1003 a WidevineCDM error

Netflix Error M7357-1003 – This is a very common error that occurs due to a troublesome module to decrypt Widevine content in Chrome browser that needs updating. Sometimes the cause is that your browser component is blocked by a security setting or an antivirus program. Below are the steps to fix this problem.

Update Chrome’s content protection feature

Open Chrome browser and type chrome: // components in the address bar and press Enter.
Now navigate to the Chrome Widevine Content Decryption Module component.
Make sure you have an official version of Chrome installed on your Chrome site.
Now click on the “check for updates” button.
Refresh your page and check the status: updated.
Restart Chrome and try playing Netflix videos.
Hope this fixes Netflix error M7357-1003 in your Chrome browser.

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