Writing apps for Android And IOS

Writing apps for Android And IOS

Writing apps for Android And IOS: There is no dearth of writing apps that guaranteed you to remove interruption and make your writing more accurate than ever. There is satiety of choices that is both at the same time curse and blessing. Choosing one application can be hard with so many choices and lots of features within every choice. You wind up spending more time playing with functions than writing. User will always get something that makes them feel freer from interruptions and help you to nucleus point that’s all-important no matter whether your fictional writer or budding blogger.


Ulysses is a strong error-free writing medium that offers a huge variety of features that is undoubtedly perfect. This application is available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac fast synchronization between devices. This is one of the greater applications of iPhone users. All integration occurs through iCloud, a user must be sure about extra space before purchasing the subscription of this application. Users can publish directly to different platforms like WordPress and Medium, store in drafts a manageable library, or convey PDFs or eBooks documents. User can set words count goal so that can remain on top. This is the best application for prolific writers who are disguising numerous web-based projects at a time. Ulysses’s built-in publishing mechanics is helpful and easy for bloggers and copywriters. This is one of the most expensive writing applications and the user has to pay $49.99 annually. Users can avail of free trials but after that also have to pay $5.99 monthly. Ulysses is best for busy bloggers.


This is a robust writing application purposely designed for novelists. Additionally, Scriveners has a well-built focus for helping you to sort the resources of writing, even if these notes are all about some specific characters in the novel or on the research topic. Is not it a great writing medium you have ever experienced where one can get everything you need to pay is $45 free for once? If you are creating something complicated and long this application will help the user to make sections and organize the documents with the help of navigation that can be highly customized.

 MS Word / Google Docs / Pages

All these writing applications can feed the basic requirements of the user that is super easily available anywhere and at any time. Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Apple’s page can be used on almost every device nowadays. Moreover, Google Docs and Ms Word are consisting of various plugins that can include additional functions. Google Doc is a splendid free writing application that adds automatically free pages of Apple if you are a user of Mac. Anyways, every writing application is not specifically designed for writers.

Mobile app Development Company completes the process of manufacturing accessible applications on different platforms via unique technology to make them more worthy, beneficial, and user-friendly. Mobile app development services can include content management services, payment gateways, search engine optimization, and custom web application development, etc. Every application is usually a little software unit with limited function, they still manage to provide users with quality services and experiences.

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