Crucial Neuromarketing Tricks for Your Instagram Content



The neuromarketing concept can be used by brands to boost sales by influencing the decision-making processes of their customers. Brands are leveraging neuromarketing to promote their marketing efforts on social media, more so on Instagram.

Despite the popularity of Instagram in marketing, neuromarketing tricks are not easy to identify and implement. If you focus on neuromarketing well, you will unconsciously encourage customers to access your content. Let’s discuss some of the crucial neuromarketing tricks for your Instagram content.

Give your audience attention

If you want to build a rapport with your online audience, give them the attention they desire. When engaging in social media promotions, ask yourself what the audiences are interested in rather than just the content.

People use the internet because they want to benefit in a particular way. When they get into Instagram, they want to see highly compelling and engaging virtual content. In addition to that, they want to be recognized and treated in a special way. 

Many people desire to be admired and praises. As a brand, you need to take advantage of this to inspire your audience. If you want to sell a product, talk about how it will help them without focusing too much on promotion. 

Use impactful words

According to an MBA essay writing service, using words with psychological impact is a powerful art of leveraging neuromarketing campaigns. Power words such as cheap, special, rich, unique, a gift, exclusive, new, value, best, and many more can positively inspire the customers’ and prospects’ emotions. 

Using impactful words frequently for your Instagram content is an effective way of grabbing your visitors’ attention. Such words can trigger the user’s subconscious mind and cause them to take action based on the information they get.

The backbone of power words for Instagram content is the 4C’s of copywriting, namely: clear, concise, compelling, and credible. Make your social media content clear for your audience. Identify and get rid of any ambiguity. Try as much as possible to tell your complete story using very few words. 

Marketers for a buy dissertation service say that when creating an Instagram story, focus on how you are going to help your audience to solve problems and not on the features of the content. More importantly, publish only the truth and do it often and freely. This can make your audience trust you and want to engage with you in business. They use this same trick for best essay writing service clients and it has proved to be highly successful.


One of the most effective principles in psychology for good customer relations is reciprocity. You can use this strategy for Instagram marketing campaigns and strengthen relationships with your customers.

When you receive something from someone freely, you react positively due to what you feel. As a result, you like the person who gave you that thing more. For your business growth, treat your customers as friends. Give them values without expecting anything from them in return. They are likely to patronize you in return. This is what the principle of giving and receiving is all about. 

One great idea to practicing reciprocity is by encouraging your fans on Instagram to join your email list to enjoy discounts. You can also engage with your audience by responding to their comments

Pay attention to the start and end of your content

The most important parts of marketing content for Instagram are the starting and the conclusion. If you want to communicate a specific message using Instagram content, draw the attention of your audience by starting and ending with that message. 

This approach is popular in psychology and it can be effective in your Instagram marketing campaigns. Your relationships with customers can be natural but they can also be induced. 

Stand out from the crowd

The principle of contrasts can help your business to thrive if you apply it appropriately. If something is unusual, the human mind can send signals immediately. The mind and the brain work by pointing out aspects and items that are distinct from the rest.

As per essay writing service reviews, when creating Instagram content, think differently from others and be original. Think of things that your competitors have not done and see your content rise. You can stand out from the crowd by posting interactive stories. Taking Instagram stories to the next level requires you to make them as interactive as possible. Focus on creating memorable and unique content snippets to engage the audience. 

Another trick to standing out from the crowd is by creating authentic videos. You don’t have to keep bombarding your audience with promotional content on Instagram. The video you produce should not be overly edited. Otherwise, it would not look different from the ordinary commercial. 


Neuromarketing requires patience, practice, and consistency. Start practicing the neuromarketing principles highlighted above today and you will notice a difference in the months to come. You could start by reading a lot about consumer psychology and relate the principles with social media marketing. Thereafter, you can implement the above tricks and see your Instagram audience grow. 

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